12 Best Snowmobile Helmets

best snowmobile helmet

Since I was a kid, I’ve been around snowmobiles and learned how to ride a sled at a very young age. I still get on the trail as often as I can, keeping myself updated and tuned into the latest gear and equipment relating to the sport.

I’ve used many different helmets over the years and there is a big difference between an average option and my favorite picks. 

The best snowmobile helmets need to offer reliable protection from impacts, be comfortable enough to wear all day long and come with functional features that separate them from the competition. 

After looking over all of these factors and more, the Castle X EXO-CX950 Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet makes it to the top of my list. 

The EXO-CX950, the electric version specifically, will provide you crystal clear vision on the trail and a comfortable liner that lives up to its purpose. It has many other features that we will examine in this article as well.

I would recommend the EXO-CX950 to any snowmobiler. But since every rider has slightly different preferences, I’m also going to list a handful of my other favorite options to let you choose the best helmet to meet your needs. 

Every helmet on this list is excellent, with each offering various functions and features that highlight the many styles and innovations in the sport. 

Let’s fire up the engine and get to it. 

My List of The Best Snowmobile Helmets

All of the helmets you are about to read about make for an excellent choice. I’ve listed what I consider the best at the top, but you might find that another option better suits your needs. Regardless of which of these helmets you go with, you won’t be disappointed. 

1. Castle X EXO-CX950 Electric Modular (Best Overall)

  • Key features: Oversized eye port, drop-down sun visor, effective heating system, breath box, speaker pockets, 5-year warranty
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT approved
  • Type of shell material: Advanced LG polycarbonate

The EXO-CX950 is a great snowmobile helmet. It sits on top of this list because of the many features it has to offer alongside being more versatile than nearly every other option on the market. 

It is a modular helmet, so you get the benefit of lifting the chin bar when you want to take a break or in case of emergencies. Modular style helmets add convenience and are a preference for many riders. 

For added versatility, the EXO-CX950 can also be used without a visor, making it an open face helmet when you want it to be. 

You also get a strong advanced LG polycarbonate shell on top of a dual-density EPS foam inner layer to provide advanced protection against impacts that meets and exceeds DOT standards.

I also really like the oversized eye port because it increases your field of view whether you choose to ride with the heated dual-pane visor or keep it open face and wear goggles. 

Other features that offer performance and value are an aero-tuned ventilation system to keep you cool and an anti-microbial liner that is very comfortable and easy to remove when it needs to be cleaned. 

The EXO-CX950 is pretty expensive and a little heavy, but I’d take those tradeoffs for the added protection and performance it has to offer. It comes with a 5-year warranty that helps to justify the price – if that’s a concern. 

If you want the best of the best, this is the snowmobile helmet for you. 

2. Ski Doo Modular 3 (Runner-up)

  • Key features: Excellent field of vision, retractable sun shield, communications compatible, cool style, fog-resistant system
  • Heating system: Electric version available
  • Safety rating: DOT approved
  • Type of shell material: Polycarbonate composite

The Ski Doo Modular 3 is my runner-up for the best overall snowmobile helmet. 

This option covers all the basics very well while offering innovative construction and design elements to add value. 

On the surface, the Modular 3 just looks cool. It has a sleek aerodynamic style but will also turn heads and receive a few compliments out on the trails. 

One of my favorite features is its very wide eye opening. This allows for an excellent field of view that is further enhanced by a built-in Clear Vision Technology in the visor that eliminates distortion. 

It also has a retractable sun shield that can be operated with the touch of a button allowing for quick adaptation to changing lighting conditions. 

The Breath-Evac fog-resistant system is another cool design feature. Just know that this makes the helmet resistant to fogging up, not fog proof. If you want added fog-fighting capabilities, you’ll need to spend a little extra on the electric version of this helmet. 

The Modular 3 can fit a little tight up front, so it isn’t the best option for anyone who wears glasses or likes a roomy feeling helmet. Other than that, it’s right up there with the top helmets you can find.  

3. 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet (Best Open Face)

  • Key features: Very lightweight, open face style, Fidlock magnetic strap, aerodynamic design, good ventilation, universal camera mount
  • Heating system: No
  • Safety rating: Meets and exceeds DOT and ECE 2205 certifications
  • Type of shell material: Carbon Fiber 3k

If you prefer open face style snowmobile helmets, you’re not going to find a better option than the 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K. 

509 makes some of the best looking and most comfortable open face helmets in the industry, and this option elevates the game even further. 

The carbon fiber construction makes it extremely strong to easily exceed safety standards and offer more reliable protection against impact. This also keeps the weight down, which adds comfort you will notice immediately. 

The innovation continues into the design with an aerodynamic shape alongside eight separate intake/exhaust vent ports that will keep the air flowing effectively no matter how fast you ride. 

The Fidlock magnetic strap included on the Altitude Carbon Fiber 3k is another excellent feature. This makes it easy to secure or release the helmet very quickly. 

If you like to capture video footage when you’re riding, a universal camera mount also comes standard. 

In my opinion, this is an expensive helmet, especially for an open face option. And although the vent ports help keep you cool, this can also lead to a lack of warmth if you are in really cold conditions. 

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

4. Castle X Mode MX Flow (Open Fafce Runner-up)

  • Key features: Open face style, large eye port, comfortable liner that’s easy to remove, EPS liner extends into chin bar, advanced ventilation system
  • Heating system: No
  • Safety rating: DOT and ECE approved
  • Type of shell material: Advance polycarbonate composite injected molded

Another great open face style helmet is the Castle X Mode MX Flow. 

This is a reasonably affordable option that offers a lot of comfort and reliable protection. 

It has the rugged and aggressive look of an offroad, open face helmet that many hardcore snowmobilers will appreciate. And the shell is made of an advanced poly composite that is tough and durable to keep you safe in an accident. 

The internal padding system built into the Mode MX Flow makes this one of the most comfortable open-face options. The liner is easy to remove when it needs a wash, so you’ll never compromise comfort for cleanliness. 

I also really like the advanced ventilation system built into the shell. This is good for any rider who overheats quickly, and it also allows moisture to escape, keeping you warm when you stop sweating. 

While it’s comfortable around your head and face, the double D-ring chin strap is a little annoying. It’s big and bulky and hard to adjust if you want a precise fit.  

5. Vega Ultra Electric Snowmobile Helmet (Budget Pick)

  • Key features: Affordable, heated shield, Sure Seal edges, removable liner, 5-year warranty, lightweight  
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT and ECE approved
  • Type of shell material: Polycarbonate

The Vega Ultra Electric is a top choice for any snowmobiler on a budget. 

This affordable option still offers plenty of functional features and key safety considerations you would find in helmets that cost twice as much. 

The heated shield is effective and uses a Sure Seal edge to enhance fog-resistance to a reliable level. The contoured edges that this creates also help keep snow and moisture from entering in when you’re riding in severe conditions. 

The Ultra also comes with a fog-reducing breath box, which increases fog-fighting and ventilation abilities even further. However, the ventilation system isn’t the greatest in general, and that’s a definite downside worth mentioning.  

A Comfort Tech dri liner system is easy to remove and provides lasting comfort to keep the lid in place on a bouncy trail. The shell also has predrilled holes for speakers or a communication system, but you’ll have to purchase those features separately. 

It’s a budget option but still has a tough polycarbonate shell that meets both DOT and ECE safety standards. It also comes with a 5-year warranty – something many other budget options won’t have. 

Vega does have accident replacement protection as well, but many customers have said the company isn’t as generous with this policy as it seems on paper. 

6. ILM Snowmobile Full Face Helmet (Budget Pick Runner-up)

  • Key features: Affordable, full face style, Pinlock insert, quick release buckle, removable liner 
  • Heating system: No but is available
  • Safety rating: DOT and ECE certified 
  • Type of shell material: ABS

The ILM Snowmobile Full Face helmet is another recommended budget option. 

It isn’t packed with a ton of fancy features, but it still gets the job done in terms of safety and effective performance. 

The basic version of the ILM Snowmobile helmet doesn’t come with a heated shield, but you can add this feature if you want to pay a little extra. I think that with budget considerations in mind, skipping electric options is no big deal. 

It comes with a Pinlock insert that helps keep the visor in place to reduce fog without letting cold air in. This is effective to an extent, but you’re not going to see the best fog-fighting capabilities with this one. 

The liner is nice and pretty comfortable, making this option from ILM another helmet you can wear all day long without worry. A quick-release strap and buckle add to this comfort and work as designed. 

Built with an ABS shell and EPS foam liner, you only get basic protection here. While this meets DOT and ECE standards, I would not recommend this as anywhere near an exceptionally strong helmet. 

However, you get what you pay for, and if you only need the basics and want to save some money, this helmet checks the boxes. 

==> You can also get it on ILMotor.com.

7. Ski Doo Oxygen Helmet (Best High-end Option)

  • Key features: Very lightweight, M-FORGE Composite tech, great field of vision, remote control airflow chamber, 4-year warranty, retractable sun visor
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT approved
  • Type of shell material: M-FORGE Composite

On the other end of the price spectrum is the Ski Doo Oxygen Helmet

It has all of the bells and whistles you would want out of a high-end option while also offering plenty of innovation in design and technology that can come in useful on the trail. 

The M-FORGE Composite material used in the shell helps keep the weight down, and this is one of the lightest full face helmets around. That lends to long-lasting comfort for long days on the trail. 

You can also expect nearly flawless vision with this helmet on your head because of the effective heating system and a panoramic field of view that is impressive. A retractable sun visor allows you to adapt on the go to changing light conditions.  

High-end features built into the Oxygen include a remote control heated visor for easy use, an NCS system that reduces noise and prevents hearing damage, a neck skirt to keep out the cold, and a built-in LED light to help you see. 

For some riders, all of these features are going to be too much. You simply don’t need all of the fancy features built into the Oxygen if you don’t want them. It’s also one of the most expensive helmets out there, which is another glaring negative. 

But if you want the best money can buy, the Oxygen will take your helmet game to the next level.  

8. Typhoon Youth Full Face Snowmobile Helmet (Best for Kids)

  • Key features: True youth helmet with small shell, lightweight, dual-lens shield, breath box, multiple color options 
  • Heating system: No
  • Safety rating: Meets DOT standard
  • Type of shell material: ABS

Get them started while they’re young. That’s my advice for any snowmobile enthusiast with children. And to keep them safe while they learn to ride, the Typhoon Youth Full Face Snowmobile Helmet is a great starting point. 

This is a proper youth helmet, not just a small-sized option. That means it’s built for protecting your kid’s head while also providing a comfortable fit. 

It comes with a dual-pane shield to help keep fog down and the trail clear. A breath box is built into the full face design and helps keep fog away as well. 

Safety is always the main concern with young riders, and this helmet meets DOT standards so parents all-around can rest easy when their kids take to the trails. This option is really comfortable, which means kids won’t take it off because they’re uncomfortable. 

Larger kids might outgrow this helmet pretty quickly, and a heated version will cost you extra money. The helmet is also not recommended for kids under five years of age. 

Remember always to supervise young riders on the trail until you’re confident they are equipped with safe riding habits!

9. Typhoon TH158 (Best for Glasses) 

  • Key features: Modular style with ample face room to accommodate glasses, retractable sun visor, double-pane heated shield, adjustable breath box
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT approved
  • Type of shell material: ABS

The Typhoon TH158 is a recommended option for anyone who wears glasses while they ride. 

It has plenty of room in the front of the face and underneath the visor to allow you enough space to keep your glasses in place. The dual-pain heated lens will also help keep fog down on the visor and on your glasses. 

A chin skirt and adjustable breath box also add comfort and another way to keep hot air from building up and cold air from entering. 

The TH158 is a bit bulky, and while that helps create room for glasses, it can also lead to a somewhat sloppy fit. The chinstrap is also not too comfortable, especially when you have to tighten it to accommodate the sloppy fit. 

It’s still a solid choice and will keep your glasses in place and fog-free while you ride. 

10. FXR Maverick X Helmet (Best for Trail Riding)

  • Key features: Lightweight, stainless steel chin bar, drop-down sun shade with UV filter, removable breath box, removable liner
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT and ECE approved
  • Type of shell material: Advanced polymer alloy

The FXR Maverick X Helmet is one of the best options if you love to ride trails all day long. 

This style of riding usually involves staying at a high speed most of the time, so you need a helmet that is aerodynamic and won’t hold you back. 

The Maverick X has a removable peak that can be removed to reduce drag. This is a feature fully designed to help you stay cruising at full throttle. It’s a subtle piece of engineering but is effective enough to have a pretty drastic impact when you’re going really fast. 

It also has a lightweight polymer alloy construction to keep things lightweight but still very strong. Stainless steel built into the chin bar further enhances safety considerations. 

You’ll also get a drop-down sun shade, heated dual-layer face shield, removable breath box, and excellent ventilation system. All of these features work with one another to improve your vision on the trail and reduce fog build-up. 

The Maverick delivers everything trail riders want and need in one package. 

11. 509 Delta R4 Ignite (Best for Extreme Cold)

  • Key features: Efficient and effective heating system, snug fit for added warmth, Fidlock magnetic strap, climate control ventilation system
  • Heating system: Yes
  • Safety rating: DOT approved
  • Type of shell material: Polly alloy

Depending on where you live, snowmobiling can involve some very serious weather conditions. 

If you want one of the best helmets for extreme cold at your disposal, the 509 Delta R4 Ignite is about as warm as they get. 

The climate control ventilation system that is built into the Delta R4 Ignite limits airflow into and out of the helmet. This will keep cold air from entering and warm air from escaping – both critical to keeping you warm on the trail. 

It also comes packed full of other features that make it a top-notch helmet like a Fidlock chin strap, breath box, tinted sun shield, and removable liner. 

Put all of this together and you have a helmet that is more than effective at keeping you warm in extreme environments while also providing the necessary safety and comfort you’ll need to stay out in the snow for hours on end. 

It’s another pretty expensive option, but staying warm can be priceless. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.comCycleGear.com or Walmart.

12. HJC Solid CL-17 Full Face Plus (Best for Big Heads)

  • Key features: Sizes up to 4XL plus, full face style, pretty affordable, Pinlock lens
  • Heating system: No
  • Safety rating: Dot and ECE approved
  • Type of shell material: ABS

If you have a very large head, finding a snowmobile helmet that fits properly can be challenging. 

The HJC Solid CL-17 Full Face Plus is a recommended option for any rider with this issue because it is available in sizes up to 4XL plus. That should be enough to have most people covered while still giving you a comfortable fit. 

It’s a full-face style helmet and comes with a Pinlock lens system that reduces fog buildup. A RapidFire shield replacement system allows you to use many different tints and shaded lenses that are easily available. 

The CL-17 also has a good ventilation system and moisture-wicking liner, and both of these help to add comfort when you’re on the trail. 

This is technically a motorcycle helmet, so you don’t get a lot of extra features that are catered to snowmobilers. It’s still safe and effective for use on a sled, though. This also means that it’s far from the warmest option around. 

But hey, at least it will fit your head!  

How to Choose a Snowmobile Helmet That Fits

Take the following factors into consideration when shopping for a snowmobile helmet that best fits your needs.

Type of Helmet

Snowmobile helmets come in three main varieties: full face, open face, and modular

A full face helmet will provide you with one solid piece of equipment with a face shield and/or visor. This can add some extra protection and eliminate the need to wear goggles while you ride. But it will also add weight. 

An open face helmet won’t have a visor or shield. You’ll need to wear snow goggles with this style of helmet, but it will be lighter and can be more comfortable as well. 

A modular helmet has a chin bar that can lift up. This provides convenience and an added element of safety in case of emergy. 


Weight is another important consideration with any snowmobile helmet. A light helmet is always nicer, but you don’t want to sacrifice weight for safety. Heavy helmets can be uncomfortable during long days on the trail. 

Safety Ratings

You always want to look for a helmet that meets DOT and ECE safety standards. These are universal safety standards that ensure the helmet will properly protect you upon impact. 

For added safety, look for polycarbonate and carbon fiber shell materials that add more protection than standard ABS plastics. 

Snowmobile Helmet FAQs

Here are my answers to some of the questions you may have about wearing or caring for your snowmobile helmet.

Can I wear a snowmobile helmet on a motorcycle?

Yes. A snowmobile helmet can be worn on a motorcycle and give you enough safety and protection in case of an accident. Just know that a helmet designed for snowmobiling may be very warm compared to a regular motorcycle helmet.

How often should you replace a snowmobile helmet?

You’ll want to replace your helmet after any substantial impact. Once a helmet has a dent break in it, it won’t be as effective and needs to be replaced. 

How tight should a snowmobile helmet fit?

You need to have your helmet tight enough so it will stay in place during an accident or other form of sudden impact. This means you need to have it fairly tight on your head so it doesn’t move around when you move your head. 

What do you wear under a snowmobile helmet?

Some riders don’t wear anything. Some will wear a tight-fitting beanie for a little added warmth. I like to wear a balaclava when conditions are very cold. 

My Verdict

There are plenty of snowmobile helmets out there to choose from, but my recommended best option is still the Castle X EXO-CX950

This option gives you excellent performance, a strong and safe construction, and a handful of other features that make it extremely versatile. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the options found above so if you see a helmet that better suits your needs than the EXO-CX950 on the list, let me know why that one works best for you!

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