9 Best Snowmobile Jackets

Over the years, I’ve probably worn a few hundred different winter jackets. This was a part of enjoying the endless fun to be had during Colorado winters and the many different snowsports I loved then and still do today. 

A good snowmobile jacket needs to keep you warm and comfortable when you ride while also providing lasting durability you can count on.

The 509 Forge Jacket makes it to the top of the list here because it checks all of those boxes but offers a cool look and style that I appreciate as well. 

Your jacket is an essential piece of snowmobiling equipment and should protect you from the wind and snow, but there’s nothing wrong with looking good while it does so. 

Every rider will have their own preferences, so I’ve included a handful of the best snowmobile jackets around for you to explore. 

Let’s zip up and get ready for action and adventure. 

Top Snowmobile Jackets

If you are in a pinch, you could wear any sort of winter jacket when you ride. But if you want something built specifically for the demands of heavy winter use, all of the snowmobile jackets below are recommended. 

1. 509 Forge Jacket

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Comfortable, DWR treatment, wrist gaiters, snow skirt, breathable, cinchable hood
  • Materials: 5TECH, 150D Polyester
  • Insulation: Not-insulated
  • Fit: Regular

The 509 Forge Jacket is at the top of the list because it is my favorite jacket to use when snowmobiling. I think it’s the perfect blend of weatherproofing while still being extremely comfortable. 

I’ll start with the bad news because it’s important to mention and for some riders to know about straight away – this jacket isn’t insulated. While that’s not a problem for me, it might be for anyone who wants a warmer option. 

Aside from that, the Forge excels across the board. The outer shell is made of an innovative 5TECH material that does a superior job of keeping wind and water away. This is also treated with a DWR coating and includes 150D polyester as well. 

It fits like a dream and is very breathable. You will hardly notice that you have it on, and your freedom of movement will not be affected in the slightest. 

Water-resistant zippers and a cinchable hood allow for extra cold-weather protection, and being uninsulated makes it more versatile than a lot of other options. This adds a lot of value for me and I think it will for other riders as well. 

You’ll want to be sure to wear layers on colder days, but the Forge will have you covered in any situation. It’s a great jacket and comes highly recommended. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com or CycleGear.com.

2. FXR Octane Jacket

  • Best for: Trail Riding
  • Key features: HydrX coating, dry vent system, mesh/fleece lining, durable, warm and comfortable
  • Materials: Durable nylon, 
  • Insulation: 260 grams
  • Fit: Short

The best snowmobile jacket for trail riding is the FXR Octane. It will give you exceptional warmth and comfort to keep you going long and hard on the trails all winter long. 

It’s built out of some very effective cold-weather materials that give you serious performance across the board. 

The shell is made of durable nylon that is treated with a HyrdX coating. This makes it extremely waterproof and offers a dependable barrier against the wind as well. 

260 grams of FXR Thermal Flex insulation give you a ton of warmth to keep you comfortable at high speeds and in seriously cold conditions. This is a unique type of insulation FXR has developed to retain heat while providing lasting comfort. 

A Dry Vent system allows you to increase breathability on the sides if you are in warmer conditions but makes sure not to let in any moisture. 

Additional features like an adjustable snow skirt, cold stop front placket, and Velcro cuffs add value and increase performance.

It’s a pretty expensive jacket, and the fit is short. If you are tall, you might want to consider going a size up. This jacket is a versatile and reliable option for trail riding. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com, CycleGear.com or Walmart.

3. RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Insulated Jacket

  • Best for: Extreme Cold 
  • Key features: Cold rated to -60F, water-repellent, breathable, micro-fleece inner liner, silver twill reflective liner, extended sleeves
  • Materials: Nylon, micro-fleece
  • Insulation: RefrigiFill
  • Fit: Big

You need to be well prepared if you ride in extreme cold. The RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Insulated Jacket will allow you to do so and is cold rated to an impressive -60F. 

This is an extremely warm jacket that will give you reliable protection from the cold when you need it. It’s an excellent option for anyone who rides at night or in areas that typically see sub-zero temperatures. 

The key to its impressive warmth is a thick layer of RefrigiFill insulation that is effective and comfortable. It also has a softshell exterior designed to let sweat evaporate to keep you dry from the inside out. 

A micro-fleece inner liner adds another layer of comfort. It works with a silver twill reflective lining to trap body heat and provide additional warmth as the temperature goes down. 

Extended sleeves are designed to prevent cold drafts from creeping in, and glove loops and clips are affixed to these to ensure this happens. The front zippers allow for some customizable heat regulation. 

Heavy insulation does make this jacket big, and it can feel like you’re wearing a marshmallow at times. That’s fine if you need the warmth, but if you don’t this won’t be comfortable to wear all day long. And it’s not recommended unless you actually need the warmth.

==> You can also get it on RefrigiWear.com or Walmart.

4. Castle X Platform Jacket

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, durable, DWR coating, double-stitched seams, fleece-lined collar, adjustable cuffs
  • Materials: Polyester, nylon
  • Insulation: ColdShield 200 grams
  • Fit: Dropback/long

The Castle X Platform is the best snowmobile jacket for your money. It offers excellent comfort and cold-weather protection and a very approachable price. 

Snowmobile equipment can get expensive in a hurry, especially if you want to go with a well-known brand. But Castle X delivers stand-out quality here at a more budget-friendly price that is very much appreciated. 

The Platform is made out of a touch polyester and nylon shell that offers excellent durability and makes for the first line of defense against the snow and cold. 

These shell materials have a PU coating and a DWR coating for superior water and windproofing capabilities. 

There is also ample insulation built into the jacket with 200g grams of ColdShield quilted material in the body and 150 grams in the sleeves. This gives you versatile and reliable warmth where you need and want it. 

Double-stitched seams, a fleece-lined collar, and adjustable Velcro cuffs add extra protection from the cold and up the already good value. 

I do wish the jacket had more pockets for storage. And the dropback design can get in your way if you don’t get the proper fit. For such a good value, those are small complaints, and the Platform is another solid recommendation.  

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

5. Flylow Quantum Pro

  • Best for: Multi-Use
  • Key features: Versatile, comfortable, excellent weatherproofing, breathable, stretch fabrics, eight pockets, durable
  • Materials: Intuitive Oxford Membrane, Polyester
  • Insulation: None
  • Fit: Long

I’m going to include one of my favorite winter jackets of all time here because it works just as well for snowmobiling as it does for skiing. 

The Flylow Quantum is a fantastic jacket that any winter sports enthusiast will appreciate, and it’s the best option for multi-function use. 

It’s built as a ski jacket but will provide you with everything you want and need on your sled as well. The intuitive Oxford membrane and polyester face fabric combine to offer extreme waterproofing and make it fully wind-resistant. 

These materials are also highly durable for heavy use, but my favorite aspect of the design is that the fabrics are intentionally stretchy for enhanced movement and comfort. 

This is easily the most comfortable winter jacket I’ve ever worn. On top of that, it’s going to last you for many years of rugged use. It’s also exceptionally durable.

Eight zippered pockets give you enough room to pack any extra gear, snacks, or whatever else you might need on the trail, slopes, or around town. 

The downside is that this jacket is costly. It will be out of the price range for the average rider. If you can afford it, it will give you season after season of reliable performance in any type of winter activity.  

==> You can also get it on Backcountry.com.

6. Klim Alpine Parka

  • Best for: Women
  • Key features: Comfortable, excellent weatherproofing, seat-dry tech, YKK zippers, fleece-lined collar, removable powder skirt, velcro cuffs
  • Materials: 2-layer GORE-TEX
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Fit: Long

The Klim Alpine Parka is the best snowmobile jacket for women. It has some impressive features and a great design that make it ideal for women riders. 

It has an improved length with a longer fit that adds extra cold weather protection and makes the jacket comfortable. Waist and collar adjustments add to this comfort and allow you to dial in a customized fit. 

It’s made of a 2-layer GORE-TEX shell that gives you long-lasting and reliable waterproofing and decent protection against the wind. A durable nylon inner liner and YKK zippers reinforce this protection. 

Two mesh-backed pit vents give you customizable breathability and allow air to flow through when the temperature is warmer. You can quickly zip them back up for added warmth. 

Additional features include a removable powder skirt, hand gaiters with thumb holes, plenty of pockets, and interior MP3 player storage. 

This is another uninsulated option, so you’ll need to layer up before taking on any extreme weather situations. It’s also relatively expensive. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.comCycleGear.com or Walmart.

7. Klim Powerxross Jacket 

  • Best for: Snowcross
  • Key features: Lightweight, comfortable, durable, adequate weather protection, moisture-wicking liner, YKK zippers
  • Materials: Performance GORE-TEX
  • Insulation:
  • Fit: Regular

The Klim Powerxross is an awesome jacket for snocross. It has a lightweight design that still actively repels water and will keep you warm as you turn up the throttle. 

A GORE-TEX performance shell does an excellent job of making the jacket fully waterproof and works to keep the wind away as well. It also has a moisture-wicking inner liner that will help eliminate sweat from building up as you ride. 

A unique design that removes overlays helps to keep the jacket lightweight so you can shed ounces and increase speed. A 3M Scotchlite C790 reflective layer ups safety and visibility concerns as well. 

It’s also a durable option that will keep you company race after race. YKK zippers and a double-headed front zipper make for a rugged build, and a snap-away powder skirt adds versatile performance. 

You will pay quite a bit for the Powexcross, but if you’re winning races or want the best option, it’s worth every penny. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com or CycleGear.com.

8. Fly Racing Aurora

  • Best for: Snowmobile Racing 
  • Key features: Comfortable, durable, weatherproof, fleece-lined color, multiple colors available
  • Materials: 50D Polyester with Hyrdaguard 
  • Insulation: 120G Thermal  
  • Fit: Regular 

The Fly Racing Aurora is a great jacket for any snowmobile racers out there. This model won’t hold you back and comes with a subtle but stylish look that will give you that racing flair to help your friends and family cheer you on. 

The Aurora is made out of a 50D polyester fabric treated with Hydraguard to give you excellent weather and waterproofing abilities. It also has 120G of thermal insulation to keep you warm when you are at full throttle. 

A fleece-lined collar with a beard flap is another nice touch for comfort, and the jacket is reflective to add safety while also making it stand out. You can also choose from several colors to match your sled or style preferences. 

This jacket has a standard fit that isn’t too loose or too tight. I think that’s the sweet spot for racing because you don’t want extra material flapping around, but you still need room to maneuver. 

You don’t get much pocket space here, but you probably won’t be bringing that much extra stuff with you on the racecourse.  

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com or CycleGear.com.

9. 509 Allied Mono Suit Shell 

  • Best for: Racing Suit
  • Key features: Comfortable, stylish, internal suspenders, cuffs and wrist gaiter, DWR coating, good ventilation 
  • Materials: Cordura HP 300D Polyester
  • Insulation: Shell 
  • Fit: Relaxed 

The 509 Allied Mono Suit Shell is an excellent racing suit that gives you the ease and convenience of a one-piece snowsuit. If you want full-body coverage rather than just a jacket on race day, this one is recommended. 

The suit is super comfortable, thanks to a relaxed fit. You’ll be able to easily maneuver on your sled without having your movement restricted in the slightest. But it’s not too loose to cause excess material to blow in the wind when the race starts. 

The Allied Mono Suit is built to last and made out of a durable Cordura HP 300D polyester material. It has fully taped seams for extra strength and also features 5TECH fabric to give you outstanding water and weatherproofing. 

Some snowsuits can get hot, but this one has three sets of built-in vents to help you adjust your temperature and let in adequate airflow when you need it. You also get a lot of pockets and many different colors and sizes to choose from. 

This is a solid racing suit and will meet the needs of any racer who wants this style of jacket. But it is going to be more expensive than buying just a jacket. You might need to budget accordingly to afford it. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com, CycleGear.com or Walmart.

What to Look for in Snowmobile Jackets

Here are a few most important factors to consider while choosing the jacket that best fits your snowmobiling needs.


The most important feature of any good winter jacket is its ability to repel wind and water. Without this, you are going to get cold and uncomfortable in a hurry. Always look for a snowmobile jacket that provides excellent waterproofing and windproof capabilities. 

The outer shell material of a jacket is where most of its cold-weather fighting properties come from. Look for GORE-TEX, DWR treatments, or other materials that are known to be highly waterproof. 


The next thing to look for in a snowmobile jacket is insulation. Increased insulation leads to increased warmth. But this choice is also a personal preference and comes down to how you like to ride and the conditions you find yourself in most often. 

I like a medium-level amount of insulation of about 150-180 grams. This makes a jacket warm but versatile enough to be used in milder conditions. Some riders like a shell without any insulation. 

Heavier amounts of insulation are good for anyone who wants added warmth or rides in extreme cold. If you choose just a shell, always layer up properly. 

Additional Features

If you have any particular features you are looking for in a jacket, they all have unique things to offer. I like to have a few ventilation vents to increase breathability and enough pockets to store snacks or extra gear. 

Features such as reflective materials are good for night riding and safety. Glove loops and drawcords can add a boost to weather protection. You might also want a particular fit or material. 

Snowmobile Jackets FAQs

Here are quick answers to some common questions regarding snowmobile jackets. 

How should a snowmobile jacket fit?

I like a jacket that fits snug, but not too loose. Some riders like a tighter fit, which is personal preference. But I would suggest avoiding a baggy fit because this will blow and flap around at higher speeds. 

How often should you wash your snowmobile jacket?

Only wash your snowmobile jacket when necessary. If the jacket gets smells or has a lot of mud on it, it might be time for a wash. I only wash my jacket once or twice every season. The more you wash it, the faster the weather proof properties can wear out. 

What is the best snowmobile jacket? 

My favorite snowmobile jacket is the 509 Forge. All of the jackets you’ll find above I would recommend as best options. They are all high-quality and built to meet the needs of all types of snowmobilers. 

What is the warmest FXR jacket? 

If you want the warmest jacket the FXR has to offer, I would suggest the Team FX Jacket. It has a cold stop front placket and 130 grams of insulation with a removable liner for customizable comfort. It’s not the warmest snowmobile jacket around, but it is the warmest FXR option.  

Is Klim snowmobile gear worth the money?

Yes and no. Klim makes some very high-quality gear that is built specifically for snowmobiling. But it also is some of the most expensive around. If you can afford it, I would recommend it, but there are cheaper options available that work just as well. 

My Verdict

There are many great snowmobile jackets available, but I think the best is the 509 Forge. It’s a lighter-weight option, which I prefer when I ride because it gives you increased versatility. Just remember that you should wear proper layers if you’re out in really cold weather. 

Some other riders will appreciate a jacket with a little more warmth, and the different options you’ll find here will provide just that. All of the jackets you will find on this list I would consider the best option, and you really can’t go wrong. 

Just try to match a specific jacket to your needs on the trail so you can get out there in the snow and have fun!   

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