3 Best Open Face Snowmobile Helmets

open face snowmobile helmet

This is my review of the best open face snowmobile helmets.

The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K is my top choice because it uses high-end materials to provide serious protection from impacts while also being super comfortable and stylish. 

Growing up in Colorado’s mountains, I have been a snowmobiler since the days of my youth. I’ve seen the sport change a lot since then and always keep myself updated on the latest equipment and trends relating to it. 

Open face helmets are a lightweight option and a preferred style for a lot of snowmobile enthusiasts. Just remember that you’ll need to wear a good set of snow goggles with these because you don’t have a visor or face shield. 

The Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K is a personal favorite because of its strong and rugged construction, excellent fit, and lightweight design. 

I’m also going to show you several other open face helmet options below – all of them excellent in their own way. You really can’t go wrong with any of these but make sure to take a look at the details to match the helmet to your specific needs. 

Now let’s get going with a more in-depth look.

Top Open Face Snowmobile Helmets

An open face helmet allows for a lighter option that many riders prefer. If you are one of them, the helmets found below are some of the best on the market. 

1. 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Fidlock strap, 8 vent ports, breath box, universal camera mount, Pro Series Liner
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds (Medium)
  • Safety considerations: DOT and ECE approved. Meets the FMVSS 208 and 2205 standards
  • Type of Shell Material: Carbon Fiber

The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K is one of my favorite open face helmets. 

It stands out as the top pick here because of the Carbon Fiber material used in its construction, making it noticeably lighter than previous versions of the same helmet without sacrificing any strength or protection. 

The Altitude 3K has other great features to go alongside an innovative build. Eight intake/exhaust vents give you excellent ventilation to cool you down or keep in heat. The Fidlock strap also keeps the helmet securely fastened but makes it very easy to remove. 

Comfort and style are other areas where this option excels. This helmet just looks cool, and it comes in a variety of colors so you can pick a favorite. The Pro Series Liner and cheek pads are really comfortable to allow for all-day use as well. 

The 509 Altitude has been a top option for years, and this Carbon Fiber 3k version ups things even further. I’m always amazed to see innovation in action, and this helmet is a direct example of that. 

In my opinion, there aren’t many downsides to this helmet, but it does come with a hefty price tag, which will keep it out of the range for those on a budget. 

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

2. Castle X Mode MX Flow Helmet

  • Best for: Budget pick
  • Key features: Multi-density EPS liner, eyeglass friendly cheek pads, advanced ventilation system, affordable
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 3 ounces (Medium)
  • Safety considerations: DOT and ECE approved
  • Type of Shell Material: Advanced polycarbonate injection molded

The Castle X Mode MX Flow is a solid open face option worth looking into for riders on a budget. 

On top of an affordable price, it comes with great features like an advanced ventilation system to keep you cool on warmer days and a multi-density EPS liner for extra protection against impact. 

It also has a large eye port to allow for larger snow goggles. The liner is comfortable and fully removable for easy washing, which is another useful feature.  

This isn’t the lightest open face helmet around and it can let in a little too much air on those really cold days. I also think that the chin bar is a little too big and can limit your field of vision just a bit. 

The X Mode MX Flow is a quality helmet even with a few small flaws. DOT and ECE approved safety ratings make this an effective helmet to wear on the trails without eating up too much of your hard-earned cash.  

3. FXR Torque Team Helmet

  • Best for: Multi-sport option 
  • Key features: Extended rubber nose guard, quick-release buckle, aerodynamic design, moisture-wicking liner 
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds (Medium)
  • Safety considerations: DOT and ECE approved
  • Type of Shell Material: Advanced polymer alloy

If you are the type of snowmobiler who also likes to dirt bike or ATV when the snow has melted, the FXR Torque Team Helmet is a great multi-sport open face choice. 

FXR is a trusted name in the world of adrenalin sports, and they have delivered another high-quality and functional piece of equipment here. 

This is the heaviest helmet on the list, but I would still classify it as lightweight. It also uses a comfortable moisture-wicking liner that keeps things snug without being too tight. 

The Torque Team is also built for speed and has a very aerodynamic design. This is engineered to reduce drag, but it won’t let in too much snow. If you really like to hit the throttle, you’re in for a treat. 

The quick-release buckle system could use improvement here. It’s not as easy to operate as it should be, and the chin strap can be just a bit uncomfortable. 

==> You can also get it on RevZilla.com, CycleGear.com or Walmart.

Best Open Face Snowmobile Helmets: What to Look For

Take the following factors into consideration when shopping for an open face snowmobile helmet that best fits your needs.


You will need a pair of snow goggles when you use an open face style helmet for snowmobiling. These helmets don’t have a visor or face shield built into them. 

Make sure to find a helmet that has a big enough eye port to accommodate the size of your goggles. You can check out my review of the best snowmobile goggles for more information.


Many open face helmets can be used for multiple sports. While this adds versatility, it also means that they aren’t always as warm as full-face helmets. 

Make sure you are prepared with a good set of snow goggles and bring along an extra beanie or face gator in case it gets really cold. 

Removable Liner

A removable liner that can be washed easily is also recommended with an open face style helmet. Without a face shield or visor, the liner will get wet and need to be cleaned. 

My Verdict

The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K is my choice for the best open face snowmobile helmet. 

It has all of the features you need to stay safe and comfortable on the trail and uses a very strong carbon fiber construction for added protection. It’s expensive but well worth it. 

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