About Me

Chaz Wyland SnowmobileHow

Greetings, snow seekers! My name is Chaz Wyland, and I love snowmobiles. I live for the winter, and it’s my favorite time of the year. When the snow starts falling, you’ll find me on the back of a sled or on my skis. 

I grew up in Colorado’s high Rockies, where I learned to drive a snowmobile years before I learned how to drive a car. Since then, I’ve kept myself up-to-date on the latest trends surrounding the snowmobile industry and wanted to share that with you here. 

SnowmobileHow is a website created to provide snowmobile enthusiasts with a valuable resource they can use to find information, guides, reviews, and all sorts of other information relating to the sport. 

Why Created This Site

I created this site to share my passion for snowmobiling with other like-minded snowsport lovers. I wanted to provide content that caters to all types of riders – whether you have been at it for decades like me or are just getting started. 

I also wanted to create a resource with valuable tips, in-depth gear reviews, and easy-to-understand how-to guides that are all accessible from the same location. If you have a question regarding snowmobiles or snowmobiling gear, you’re in the right place. 

What You’ll Learn Here

As I mentioned above, this site’s goal is to provide information that all types of snowmobilers can benefit from. It’s not a site dedicated strictly to gear, accessories, or mechanics – but I’ll explore all of that and many other aspects of the sport. 

You’ll find many in-depth gear reviews that will show you some of the top options in cold weather gear explicitly built for snowmobilers alongside accessories you can use to upgrade your sled. 

You’ll also find other sections dedicated to spreading knowledge about snowmobile riding, mechanics, and the industry in general. Want to learn what to look for in a used snowmobile? Where to ride in Colorado? Or how to clean your carb? Check out the blog.

I’ll show you all of this and a whole lot more through informative posts written by a snowmobiler for snowmobilers. 

How I Create The Content 

A lot of the information you’ll read here comes from my own experience. I have been riding for nearly three decades. Through all those years on the trail, I’ve used a ton of different equipment and have been on the seat of a wide variety of snow machines. 

Many of the gear reviews come from heavy use in the field through a variety of different conditions. And if I haven’t used an item personally, I’ve conducted thorough research or spoken with other riders who have. 

The goal is to give you an authentic look into how each item performs and what might be the best choice for your situation. 

The guides and other information you’ll find come from hands-on experience I’ve gained wrenching and tooling on my sleds over the years. I’m not an expert mechanic – but I’m capable and competent – and I want you to be too! 

How You Can Help

Part of what makes snowmobiling so special is the community of riders and enthusiasts that exist within the sport. 

I want you to be a part of this community if you aren’t already and encourage you to get involved here. Share your own experiences. Give me feedback on the articles that you are familiar with. Connect with other snowmobilers who might know something you don’t. 

And if you have any questions on something specific or would like to look at any topic more in-depth, don’t hesitate to reach out!