4 Best Snowmobile Gear Brands

From your boots to your helmet and everything in between, there is an almost endless amount of snowmobile equipment available. 

You can wear just about any sort of winter clothing and get by, but there are some great companies out there that specialize in everything you’d ever need for yourself or your sled. 

Here’s a look at some of the best snowmobile gear brands around to help you stay warm on the trail or get your machine tuned up in time for the season. They all have a variety of equipment and accessories to match your needs and budget.

1. FXR

FXR is easily one of the top brands for snowmobile gear. This company makes many different options for all sorts of motorsports, but they have an extensive collection of snowmobile-specific items. 

I really like their pants and think they are some of the most comfortable and durable options in the game. Most of them have built-in suspenders that help keep everything in place while you ride and eliminate wind from seeping in. 

The brand also has some great snowsuits if that’s what you’re after. These are rugged, durable, and warm and will give you reliable performance season after season on the trail. I particularly like the Excursion Monosuit – it looks great and is incredibly comfortable. 

They have some great helmets available that run from high-end racing options to more casual ones, and all of them provide you with excellent protection. Whether you want an open face or full-face style, there are helmets for every type of rider. 

FXR also has a good amount of snowmobile gear for women, which is another reason they are among the best brands around. They have jackets, pants, and suits in women’s cuts. 

For diverse and effective gear built with snowmobilers’ needs in mind, FXR offers a little bit of everything. You can get yourself fully geared up and have the choice of different price points to work within your budget as well. 

2. 509

509 is another one of the best snowmobile brands around and one of my personal favorites. This company is fully focused on snow gear but also has a few options for other types of motorsports. A visit to their online store will give you access to a large variety of items, from the essentials to the convenient. 

Their outerwear is all top-notch, and you can find an option or style to match your preferences. Full suits, bibs, and jackets of all kinds are available. The company uses some unique materials and technologies in its offerings to provide outstanding cold-weather performance. 

If protection from the elements is one of your priorities, and it should be, 509 will have you covered. Most of their outerwear comes with 5TECH materials that offer outstanding weatherproofing in all sorts of conditions. 

The company also has a ton of accessories available as well. I like their goggles because they work well will snowmobile helmets and provide a good field of view when you are riding at higher speeds. 

Pair a 509 helmet with 509 goggles, and you’ll be ready to ride safely in any sort of weather and visibility condition. Their gloves are also built to give you exceptional warmth and comfort when your hands are on the throttle. 

509 has the biggest inventory of snowmobile-specific gear and is a trusted brand in the industry. I’ve never been disappointed with any item from this company. 

3. Klim

Klim is a top-shelf brand that offers some of the highest quality snowmobile gear around. The brand has a trusted reputation on the snow and the pavement, with an extensive focus on motorcycle equipment in addition to cold-weather equipment. 

I’m a big fan of Klim helmets. They are super comfortable and extremely protective. They also have a race-inspired look that is awesome. You won’t get a huge variety of helmets, but the F5 Koroyd is recommended. 

Another cool thing about Klim is that they organize their snowmobile gear into collections that cater to different types of riders. Whether you are a backcountry bomber, trail rider, racer, or like to do a little bit of everything, they have options for each. 

This means you can expect a good variety of different gear to meet your needs. The brand also has plenty of choices for women and kids as well, making it a family-friendly brand. 

Klim snowmobile backpacks are also excellent and worth checking out. These are perfect for a long day on the trail when you want to bring the essentials or have quick access to a hydration pack. 

Klim provides a lot of backcountry and avalanche safety information. This is very useful for any snowmobiler and shows just how dedicated the company is to fun and safety in the snow.

Their gear is some of the most expensive around, but you get what you pay for. Everything I’ve ever used from Klim is dependable and durable, making it a good value despite the high price tag. 

4. Castle X

Snowmobile gear can get expensive in a hurry, and Castle X makes for a more budget-friendly option that every rider can appreciate. They also have a variety of warmer weather sports equipment in their inventory. 

Alongside their more affordable prices, Castle X has a ton of different types of gear available for snowmobilers. You can get your hands on the basics, including outerwear, helmets, boots, and googles to get stocked up and ready to ride. 

I like their Freedom Monosuit quite a bit, and it’s cheaper than a lot of the competition. They also have more affordable helmet options that are effective and don’t sacrifice any safety considerations. 

Castle X stands out with the number of accessories it has to offer. You can get everything from beanies to boots to balaclavas from their extensive online store. They also have socks, base layers, and masks so you can build your gear wardrobe from the inside out. 

Some riders have claimed that Castle X gear is of lesser quality than the higher-end brands. I haven’t seen this personally, so I can’t make a claim. What I do know is that this brand offers plenty of quality equipment at reasonable prices. For that, it’s highly recommended.

About Chaz Wyland
I’m a snowmobile fanatic. I live for riding and am out on the trails or backcountry as often as possible during the winter months. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and have snowmobiled in dozens of North American locations. When the snow is falling, you’ll find me on a sled.

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    Just keep up the Great work, developing products for all of us to enjoy, * Electric Snowmobiles, the Next Frontier -2030?

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      Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! I heck yes to more electric sleds in 2030!