5 Best Snowmobile Ramps for Pickup Trucks

Moving your sled around is easy on the snow but can get complicated when you want to haul it long distances to find new trails or transport it during warmer months. 

A ramp can help you get a snowmobile into the back of your truck quickly. I’ve used a few different styles and brands of ramps over the years and want to share some of my favorite options here. 

The Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp is my favorite option for getting my sled into a pickup truck. It has a heavy load capacity and extra-wide glides to accommodate just about any sled. 

If you want to move your snowmobile off the snow, you will need to have a trailer or a pickup truck with a good ramp. If you already have a truck, the choice is a no-brainer. 

Every ramp you’ll find here is a reliable option for any snowmobiler. 

Let’s load up and get cruising. 

Top Snowmobile Ramps for Pickup Trucks

If you have a snowmobile and a pickup truck, you’re going to need a ramp to get your sled secured into the bed safely. A ramp provides you with just that, and the options below are the best you can find. 

1. Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Extra-wide, folds down small, rubber-coated attach points, buckle straps, carbide glides
  • Weight capacity: 1500-pounds
  • Material: Heavy-duty aluminum, dual-carbide glides
  • Dimensions: 94” L X 54” W

The best option I’ve used in a while to get my sled into the truck is the Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp. 

It’s a versatile option that can be used with many different shapes and styles of sleds. An extra-wide design will span the length of your pickup bed and let you place any machine in the back for safe transport. 

Heavy-duty aluminum construction provides plenty of support and stability, giving you a comfortable 1500 pound working capacity. 

This is further enhanced by rubber-coated attachment points that will grip onto the tail-gate without slipping. Two cam buckle straps are also included for another measure of safety.

Another feature that I like is the two extra-wide low-resistance dual carbide ski glides. These limit friction so you can drive up quickly and make the ramp durable for years of use. The center section has plenty of rungs for excellent track grip. 

The ramp also folds down small to just under 18-inches wide so you can store it on the side of your sled when you are headed out to the trails. 

Even though this is one of the best ramps around, it’s also one of the most expensive. That’s the only negative to mention, and it still comes highly recommended.   

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

2. Caliber Bi-fold Ramp Pro

  • Best for: Bifold
  • Key features: Lower profile design, easy use, can be used as a dual runner ramp, ski guides
  • Weight capacity: 1200-pounds
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Dimensions: 7.5’ L X 42” W

If you are looking for a lower profile option, the Caliber Bi-fold Ramp Pro provides an easy solution. 

This is another high-quality ramp that will make quick work of loading up your snowmobile. It’s constructed out of strong aluminum to provide plenty of support without weighing things down. 

It can quickly fold in half for fast storage and use. This is one of the most straightforward ramps I’ve seen, and that means you’ll enjoy instant convenience. 

The Ramp Pro uses a Low Pro grip surface to provide reliable traction that will allow your track to drive up without skipping or sliding. You’ll also get rubber-coated fingers to keep it in place on the tailgate when in use with a self-retracting strap for added security and safety.  

It’s also a versatile option because you can separate the two tracks to be used as a dual runner ramp. This can make it a bit squirrely and reduce stability, so double-check everything before putting weight on.  

In my opinion, a 1200-pound capacity is a little on the light side, so just make sure your sled isn’t too heavy for the ramp before driving up. 

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

3. CARGOSMART Tri-Fold Ramp

  • Best for: Trifold
  • Key features: Portable, easy to use, rustproof, adjustable safety straps, large tread design, lightweight but strong
  • Weight capacity: 1500-pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 50” W X 76” L

The CARGOSMART 3075 is the best trifold ramp on the market. It has a wide design with large treads that will help you get larger sleds into the back of your truck. 

This ramp is also pretty affordable and has strong but lightweight aluminum construction. Its 1500-pound capacity will hold up well under heavy use, but you can easily fold it up and move it around when not in use. 

It comes with adjustable safety straps that hold the ramp securely in place in the back of your pickup truck or trailer, and rubber attachment points keep everything from sliding around. 

It’s also rustproof for reliable winter performance and many seasons of regular use. 

It’s not a very long ramp at 76-inches, so it might not work with large trucks with high suspensions. You also won’t get any sort of rubber traction or added grip with the fully-runged design. 

4. Rev Arc Bosski Tri-Fold Ramp

  • Best for: Extended Traction
  • Key features: Extra track grip, foldable, over-sized gate grips, ratchet straps included, limited lifetime warranty
  • Weight capacity: 1500-pound
  • Material: Aluminum   
  • Dimensions: 90” L X 49.5” W

Having plenty of traction is critical for properly loading a snowmobile into a pickup, and the Rev Arc Bosski Tri-Fold Ramp provides you with just that. 

This ramp comes with an extended section of center ladder run that will align your sled correctly before you start to ascend into the bed. This small but useful design feature is great for anyone who has struggled to get their machine balanced on a ramp.

I also like the raised ski glides, which help you keep a snowmobile on track and centered.  

It also has oversize gate grips that keep it firmly planted on the back, so you won’t need to worry about slipping issues. Ratchet straps also come included to enhance safety and stability. 

A 1500-pound capacity is made possible by a quality aluminum build that is strong and durable for reliable use. 

The tri-fold design allows for compact storage in the back of the truck or tucked away in the garage. 

It is a little more expensive than some other options here, and the extra material for the extended track makes it slightly bulkier. 

5. Titan 10’ 4-Beam Loading Ramp 

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, extended length, durable, strong, safety straps included, slip-resistant surface
  • Weight capacity: 1500-pound
  • Material: Corrosion-resistant aluminum 
  • Dimensions: 120” L X 60” W

You can save a few dollars without sacrificing performance with the Titan 10’ 4-Beam Loading Ramp. 

This is a quality option that gives you a 1500-pound capacity and an extra-long loading ramp. This can be used to lower the angle, or you can fold it in half for extra support. 

It’s built of corrosion-resistant aluminum that will hold up well during winter use while being light enough to move around quickly. 

Safety straps come included so you can secure the ramp to your truck bed and keep everything stable and secure.

Another innovative feature of the Titan is that it has a unique arched design that gives you a little more clearance. 

The extended length does make it larger and difficult to store. It will fold in half lengthwise but won’t get any smaller than that, meaning you’ll need to stand it up on its side to fit it alongside a snowmobile in the truck bed. 

Aside from that, I think this option is a rugged, durable, and affordable ramp.  

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

Best Snowmobile Ramps for Pickup Trucks: What to Consider

The following considerations are important to keep in mind before buying a ramp and loading your sled into a truck. 

Weight Capacity

When purchasing a ramp for your pickup truck, the first thing you need to consider is that it will be strong enough to hold your sled as you drive it into the bed. If it’s not, you’ll run into potentially life-threatening consequences. 

Most of the ramps you’ll see here have at least a 1500-pound capacity. That’s what I would recommend as a minimum. Most sleds weigh under this limit, and 1500-pounds will give you enough support and stability to stay safe. 


You also need to make sure that any ramp you purchase will work for a snowmobile. You won’t be able to use single-track-style ramps that would work for a motorcycle or ATV because they won’t give you the grip needed for your sled’s track. 

A snowmobile-compatible ramp will have a design that allows the track to grip in the middle of the ramp and the skis to slide up around it. Also, make sure that the ramp you choose is wide enough for your skis. 


I prefer a folding-style ramp because this allows you to store it more easily in the back of your truck alongside your snowmobile. Usually, snowmobile ramps come in either bi-fold or tri-fold styles for better storage. 

Attachment Point

Another important safety consideration is the attachment point where a ramp meets the bed of your pickup truck. This needs to be stable and secure, so you don’t risk any slipping or sliding. 

Some options will have clips or clamps that will attach to your tailgate. Others might just use the weight of the ramp itself to hold everything in place. Always double-check that your attachment point is secure before loading up. 

My Verdict

Out of all the snowmobile ramps I’ve used, the Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp is the best. This one will stay in place and is big enough to work with any size sled. I also appreciate the tri-fold design. 

No matter what style of ramp you choose to use, always make sure it’s firmly attached to your pickup before you drive it up. If it’s not, you’ll risk damaging your sled and most likely, yourself.   

About Chaz Wyland
I’m a snowmobile fanatic. I live for riding and am out on the trails or backcountry as often as possible during the winter months. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and have snowmobiled in dozens of North American locations. When the snow is falling, you’ll find me on a sled.

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  • chris

    Hey chaz
    your review does not show anything like the Nash ramp that you lift and roll in. Any comments or recommendations?

    • Chaz Wyland

      I haven’t used that style of ramp yet, but am super intrigued by the Nash option. It looks really easy to use and convenient. My guess is those are a bit more expensive but probably worth it for the ease of use. I’ll try to get some experience with one and write up a review, and I’ll keep you posted!

  • Nick

    Do these ramps fit and travel well with the sled in the bed of a 5 and a half foot bed pick up?

    • Chaz Wyland

      Hey Nick,

      You’ll want to make sure you get a folding ramp if you want it to fit in a smaller bed. If you don’t, they will stick out of the back quite a bit. And that’s a pretty small bed to be hauling a sled around with too, so just be careful to get everything secured tight as you load up. The tri-folding options might be good to look into. Just check the specs for length on any ramp you choose to see how long it is compared to your truck bed. Hope that helps!

  • Heather

    Best ramp out there is built by DGRP

  • Ken

    A rollable ramp that I have is a lot better than any on your list. It’s a home built. That a guy made for me. Weights about 50 lbs or so. Sits under the snowmobile an is very easy to load an unload.made from aluminum only negative its not welded.

    • Chaz Wyland

      Hi Ken,

      That’s pretty sweet you were able to get a custom ramp that works so well. Does the guy who makes them have a website or anything? Hope you are gearing up for a good winter!