5 Best Snowmobile Skis

Without skis on your snowmobile, you aren’t going anywhere. Whether you want to put on an aftermarket upgrade or need a replacement set due to some unforeseen obstacle or accident, you are going to want to get high-quality skis that will work well with your sled.

I’ve replaced many snowmobile skis over the years, and although there are many good options out there, the C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis are my favorite. 

The Pro Razor RZ’s make for a significant upgrade that can increase your sled’s performance in a range of different snow conditions thanks to enhanced stability, a unique edge design for control, and penetrating powder. 

There are a few other top contenders out there that I’ll show you here as well. I would fully recommend any of these as replacements or upgrades.

Your snowmobiling experience relies heavily on the quality of your skis, so it’s good to know what to look for when it comes time for a new set. 

Slide on down and look at some of the best snowmobile skis around. 

The Best Snowmobile Skis Reviewed

If you are upgrading your skis, it pays to get one of the best options available. All of the skis listed here come thoroughly recommended but always make sure to match them to any preferences you might have for extra value. 

1. C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Great brand name, highly durable, versatile use, unique edge design, multiple colors available
  • Hardware/Kit Included: Sold separately
  • Construction: UHMW Poly 
  • Installation Concerns: None, straightforward install 

The best overall snowmobile skis are the C&A Pro Razor RZ. These are some of my favorite aftermarket skis I have ever used, and I would highly recommend them to any rider looking for top-of-the-line performance. 

They are made of extremely strong and durable UHMW poly material for lasting and rugged performance in any condition. You can plow through crusty snow without missing a beat. These are designed to last for years. 

The Pro Razor RZ also has V-shaped outer keels. This design element allows for extra mobility to give you quick and responsive control whether you are gunning it or darting through obstacles. 

They also have an adjustable tip that you can set up to your liking for customized performance. This tip is flexible for a little extra versatility as well.  

Lightweight but strong, these skis won’t slow you down at all but will give you peace of mind knowing that they will hold up under a lot of stress, no matter how you ride. 

They are expensive, and you’ll need to buy the mounting kit and installation equipment required, which adds another expense. And if you have an older sled, you might be out of luck as they only work with 2011 and older snowmobiles. 

2. Raider All-Terrain Skis

  • Best for: Powder
  • Key features: Durable, lightweight, one-piece construction, excellent stability, and increase steering in deep snow
  • Hardware/Kit Included: Sold separately 
  • Construction: Blow-molded one-piece construction
  • Installation Concerns: Sold as pair, no mounting hardware included

If you like to ride through deep snow, the Raider All-Terrains are the best snowmobile skis for powder. 

They have a wide, one-piece design that gives them a ton of float when you are blasting through deep fluff. This also allows for extra control and stability to keep your sled in line as the snow piles up. 

The one-piece blow-molded construction makes the Raider All-Terrains reliable and strong. You will get durable performance without anything coming loose or falling apart. 

If you want to upgrade or replace your old steel-based skis, these make for a solid option that won’t disappoint. And even though they are floaty and intended for deeper snow, they’ll still give you decent performance in a lot of off-trail situations. 

These are more affordable than some other high-end options, but you will have to buy your mounting hardware separately, which lowers their value just a bit. 

They also don’t have the best performance on harder-packed snow, and I would be careful making quick turns at high speeds in those conditions. You’ll still have control, they just won’t be as responsive as you might be used to. 

If you love blasting through powder, it’s hard to find a better option. 

3. Curve XS Skis

  • Best for: Trail Riding
  • Key features: Great on-trail performance, reduced tracking, wide footprint, parabolic design, durable
  • Hardware/Kit Included: Yes, sold as a kit
  • Construction: Heavy-duty, single mold
  • Installation Concerns: Easy install, comes with a hardware kit

The Curve XS Skis are an excellent option for trail riding. 

They are built to handle fast turns, variable conditions, and anything else that comes your way on the trail. A lot of racers and snocross riders like these skis for their stand-out performance. 

The XS will give your sled better cornering capabilities straight away. You’ll notice the difference on your first turn at speed, and every snowmobiler can appreciate that. 

They have a wide footprint that gives you extra float when the snow gets deep, without being too wide to slow you down when you want to turn up the throttle. 

A unique design allows a minimal steering effort with these skis. That means you get aggressive turning and handling capabilities that can help you stay in control. Variable geometry also gives you predictable performance on the go. 

They are also durable and built to last without being too lightweight. 

It’s hard to find a downside to these skis, but make sure to buy the kit to save some money, or else you’ll need to buy all of the installation hardware separately. 

4. Camoplast Universal Touring Ski

  • Best for: Ski Touring
  • Key features: Lightweight, durable, affordable, good steering control, one-piece construction. 
  • Hardware/Kit Included: Sold separately
  • Construction: One-piece blow-molded construction
  • Installation Concerns: Sold as pair but mounting equipment sold separately

For those long days on the trail when you want to roam deep into the backcountry, the Camoplast Universal Touring Ski is a great option. 

I love backcountry skiing, and having access to a snowmobile opens up your possibilities quite a bit. With these skis on your sled, you’ll have one of the best setups for ski touring on a snowmobile. 

They are very lightweight and durable, allowing you to venture into far-off trails or explore unknown areas without dragging you down. The strong construction means you’ll get reliable performance that can take a beating. 

The Universal Touring Ski is made of a blow-molded one-piece construction that is a noticeable upgrade over the moving parts and breakable pieces you might have experienced with your stock skis. 

I wouldn’t use these on a snocross or racing setup because they’re not really built for speed and cornering. They won’t slow you down, but their performance and design are intended for the backcountry over the trail. 

And while the plastic design is durable, it can chip and scratch if you hit a rock or stump. That won’t affect performance but could impact long-term durability. 

5. Ski-Doo OEM DS-2 Ski 

  • Best for: OEM Replacement
  • Key features: Complete kit, molded construction, durable, good all-around performance
  • Hardware/Kit Included: Yes, complete kit
  • Construction: Molded poly
  • Installation Concerns: Easy installation, carbides, and hardware included

If you have a Ski-Doo sled and are looking for a suitable OEM replacement due to regular wear and tear or an accident, the Ski-Doo OEM DS-2 kit is well-worth exploring.

Ski-Doo is a highly trusted brand in the snowmobile industry, and if you aren’t looking for an upgrade, this kit will give you everything you need to set up and install a new set of skis on your sled. 

You get a pair of ski assemblies that have pre-installed handles for quick installation. All of the hardware is included as well. 

These skis will give you good performance in a wide range of conditions. The durable construction allows for plenty of float in powder and the ability to punch through harder snow with ease. 

They also have excellent handling and cornering characteristics. You’re not going to get extremely high-end aftermarket performance here, but for general all-around use, these are a great option. 

And if you want to just replace one ski on your sled, you can get an individual ski from Ski-Doo as well.  

Best Snowmobile Skis: What to Consider 

Before you change your snowmobile skis, be sure to consider the following factors.

Upgrade or Replacement

Before you purchase a new set of snowmobile skis, you need to think about whether you are getting them as an upgrade or a replacement. 

If they are an upgrade, you have many options and can choose based on the type of riding you like to do or a particular brand name you want to try. 

If you are replacing a broken ski, you will probably want to stick with an OEM option that matches the other side of your sled. You really don’t want to have a mismatched pair of skis. 


Not every option you’ll see on this list will come available as a kit – meaning you might need to purchase hardware and other installation equipment separately. 

If you are making an upgrade, I would suggest looking for an entire kit to make the installation process easier and more straightforward. If you are replacing a single side, you might be able to reuse some or all of the hardware on your existing ski. 


As with any purchase, the cost is a factor when deciding which ski to buy. If you want the best of the best, it’s going to cost you a bit more than an average set of skis. The choice is up to you but know that even though aftermarket options are expensive, they are high-quality. 

My Verdict

The best snowmobile skis you can buy are the C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis. These will make for a serious upgrade to your current setup and are built to handle nearly any condition you can imagine with ease. They’ll last you for years of continuous use as well. 

If you just need a single replacement or don’t want to spend as much money, the other options listed here will work just fine as well. Just remember to always install your skis properly for safety and performance considerations. 

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