Best Places to Snowmobile in Wyoming

Wyoming, the Cowboy State, is full of vast wilderness and wide-open spaces. That makes it a fantastic place to snowmobile when the snow starts to pile up in the winter. 

I’m Chaz, a snowmobile enthusiast with decades of experience riding trails and backcountry lines all over North America. I grew up in Colorado and have snowmobiled in Wyoming dozens of times over the years. 

In this post, I’ll list some of the best places to snowmobile in Wyoming. You can access remote terrain or ride around established trail systems here. 

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. 

1. The Snowy Range

The Snowy Range is the area of Wyoming I have ridden in most often. It’s a vast stretch of wilderness that turns into a winter paradise every season. The area averages over 300 inches of snow every year, which means plenty of coverage and fresh powder. 

You can find over 300 miles of snowmobile trails scattered throughout the Snowy Range Mountains, with over half of those groomed and well maintained throughout the winter. It’s a good place for riders of all abilities levels.  

There is a wide variety of different terrains to explore, made possible large elevation changes. You can go from forested trails to high-alpine bowls and everything in between. 

Backcountry riding options are also plentiful here. Be sure to have cold-weather gear and avalanche safety knowledge in place. It can get severely cold in this section of Wyoming, and there are ever-present slide risks in big backcountry situations.

Laramie is the nearest town to access the Snowy Range. The city makes for a great base camp and has a lot of different lodging and dining options. 

2. The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail

The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail runs along, you guessed it, the Continental Divide. This cuts through the heart of Wyoming and provides snowmobilers with a vast trail system with over 600 groomed miles to take advantage of. 

I like this trail system because it allows you to explore deep backcountry while still being relatively accessible. It also makes for an amazing multi-day experience if you are up for a snowmobile camping adventure. 

The Continental Divide Trail stretch that runs through Grand Teton National Park is highly recommended as it will give you views to last a lifetime and some of the best snowmobiling you can imagine. 

Snowmobiling through Wyoming’s wilderness is simply stunning, and I think this trail offers the best way to see some of the most impressive aspects of the state. If you love the wilderness, wildlife, and great snow, this is the place to ride. 

3. The Black Hills

Located in the state’s northeastern area, the Black Hills are another top snowmobiling destination in Wyoming. This area isn’t as immense as other spots on the list, but it still has everything you’d want to see when riding. 

The trail system here connects with the South Dakota Black Hills Snowmobile trail system, opening up another 1,500 miles of beautiful trails. The section of the Black Hills in Wyoming has around 55 miles of groomed trail access. 

The beauty and power of the Black Hills area are what I love about the region. There is something magical about the place that you can feel when you visit. It’s easy to understand why the Native Americans regard the hills as sacred land.

This is a lower elevation snowmobiling location, so it doesn’t always see as much snow as other areas of the state. You’ll still get reliable winter coverage from December to late March, and the season can extend longer on a good year. 

4. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a unique treasure. If you’ve never visited the park in the summer months, I would highly recommend it. If you can come in the winter on a snowmobile, you’re also in for an unforgettable experience. 

What makes Yellowstone so special is that the area closes to the public for most of the winter. When the snow gets deep enough, the roads throughout the park are only open to over-snow travel – which means snowmobilers can dive in and explore. 

There are some requirements to gain access to Yellowstone on a snowmobile. You need to have a permit and will most likely need to go with an authorized guide service. Take a look at some of these regulations for access here

These requirements make it a little more expensive to access than your average sled adventure, but I promise you it is worth it. You will see the rugged wilderness and some of the iconic wildlife species of the American West. 

Jackson Hole is a great winter sports destination located nearby Yellowstone National Park and a recommended place to begin your snowmobile adventures into the park. 

5. Big Horn Mountains

The Big Horn Mountains are immense, wild, and well worth exploring on a snowmobile. They are located in Wyoming’s central region and offer endless expanses to ride on with a network of almost 200 trails. 

While the trail system is well-defined with many groomed options, I think the backcountry experience in the Big Horns is some of the best ridings in the state. There are endless meadows and rolling hills to bounce through powder and improve your skills. 

The Big Horns get large amounts of snow throughout the winter, which means a long riding season. This is another spot where the elevation can change quickly, giving you access to varied terrains and plenty of snow. 

My family would go on a weeklong snowmobile trip to the Big Horns every season. It’s an uncrowded getaway that I would recommend to any similar sled-loving family. The towns of Sheridan and Greybull are good base camp locations. 

Final Thoughts

Wyoming is one of the best places to go snowmobiling in the USA. I’m from the Rocky Mountian Region, so I might be a bit biased, but I know plenty of other riders from elsewhere who feel the same. 

If you get the chance to ride in Wyoming, take advantage of it! Any of the spots here will provide an unforgettable experience for true winter lovers of all kinds. Take a look at some of the rules and regulations specific to snowmobiling in Wyoming here

Do you have a favorite place to snowmobile in Wyoming not mentioned on the list? Let us know in the comments below. 

About Chaz Wyland
I’m a snowmobile fanatic. I live for riding and am out on the trails or backcountry as often as possible during the winter months. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and have snowmobiled in dozens of North American locations. When the snow is falling, you’ll find me on a sled.

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  • TC

    Sounds like the Snowy Range out of Laramie is the way to go! Do they have a large trail riding system that allows you various scenery, riding from town to town stops and places to eat?

    Also I’ve heard Yellowstone has restrictions to riding two stroke machines… is that true? Are all of these Top 5 destinations restrictive that way?

    • Chaz Wyland

      The Snowy Range does have a trail system, but it doesn’t really resemble other spots you might have heard about out east. This area is more wilderness, and there aren’t that many amenities around. In theory, you can still get around from town to town, but things are far more spread out, and there aren’t many spots (besides beautiful scenery) to stop on the trail. It’s still amazing and highly recommended, though.

      The Yellowstone 2-stroke restrictions have to do with noise and emissions. It’s fairly strict but designed to keep the park wild and serene. I don’t think the other spots on the list have any of the same restrictions, but you’ll want to check with whatever state your sled is registered in.