How Much Are Snowmobile Trailers?

Snowmobile trailers can range from about $1,000 on the low end for a single sled open trailer to $20,000 or more for a high-end V-nose trailer that can carry multiple machines. There are several different styles of trailers, and the price point varies between these. 

I’m Chaz, a lifelong snowmobiler and the founder of this blog. I’ve used several different snowmobile trailers over the years and have seen them come in many different styles. I always check out other riders’ trailers when I can and have learned a lot by doing this. 

This post will show you all the different price ranges for snowmobile trailers. Whether you need something simple or want a high-end option that gives you extra storage or even camping space, there is an option out there for everyone. 

Let’s get going.

Trailer TypePrice RangeUse
Single Open $1,000-$2,0001 machine uncovered
Double Open$2,000-$3,0002 machines uncovered
Open 4 Place$4,000-$5,5004 machines uncovered
Double Clamshell (Closed)$3,500-$6,0002 machines covered
Double Hybrid $4,500-$6,5002-4 machines covered w ramp
V-nose Closed$6,000-$20,000+4 machines and many additional features

What Size Snowmobile Trailer Do You Need? 

Before you start shopping for a snowmobile trailer, you need to know what size you need. This will help you ensure you have all the necessary room to haul as many machines as you want properly. 

You can go with a single open trailer if you only have one snowmobile. This is the cheapest option but also has the smallest storage capacity. 

If you want to haul two machines, you’ll need a double trailer. These can be covered or uncovered, depending on your needs and preferences. 

If you want to carry more than two snowmobiles, you’ll need a 4 place or V-nose trailer to give you enough room. These styles of trailers are longer than the cheaper models, giving you the ability to tie down more sleds. 

Single Open Snowmobile Trailers

  • Price Range: $1,000-$2,000
  • Use: One snowmobile, uncovered

Single open snowmobile trailers are the most basic option and will also be the most affordable. These will give you the ability to carry a single snowmobile and maybe some extra equipment. 

The cheapest models will be uncovered and won’t come with ramps or shields to protect your sleds from dirt and debris on the road. Higher-end models will have ramps to help you easily load up and shields that can block road debris. 

Double Open Snowmobile Trailers

  • Price Range: $2,000-$3,000 
  • Use: Two snowmobiles, uncovered 

The next step up in price range is double open trailers. These can carry two snowmobiles side by side and might have room for some extra gear and other equipment. 

Open means that the sleds aren’t covered, so you might want to use a fabric snowmobile cover to protect the machines from any road debris or damage while in transit. Cheaper models might not have ramps or shields, while more expensive models typically do. 

Open 4 Place Snowmobile Trailers

  • Price Range: $4,000-$5,500
  • Use: Up to 4 snowmobiles, uncovered

If you want to haul up to four snowmobiles in the same trailer, open 4 place models are the most affordable way to do this. These trailers are longer than other open-style trailers, giving you a lot more square footage of storage space. 

The 4 place name refers to having 4 different spots where you can securely tie down a snowmobile. These won’t be covered but will give you plenty of storage space to haul all of your machines and also some extra equipment.

Some 4 place trailers are simply modified utility trailers, while others are designed specifically for snowmobiling and come with ramps and shields. 

Double Clamshell Snowmobile Trailer

  • Price Range: $3,500-$6,000
  • Use: Two snowmobiles, covered

One of the most popular snowmobile trailers is the double clamshell. These allow you to haul two snowmobiles and feature a cover that opens up like a clamshell to provide you with added protection and easy access.

Clamshell trailers can also be locked up when you are parked, which is a useful security feature if you are traveling long distances with your machines. These will also protect your sleds from the rigors of the road. 

Clamshell trailers have a pretty wide price range, and the more expensive options will have ramps and heavy-duty materials that offer superior protection. 

Double Hybrid Snowmobile Trailers

  • Price Range: $4,500-$6,500
  • Use: 2-4 machines covered

Double hybrid trailers are covered trailers that can be used to haul your snowmobiles or any other purpose. These don’t have the clamshell type of opening but instead have rear doors that open up or might convert into a ramp. 

These are a bit more expensive but can be useful if you want to use a trailer for other purposes than just hauling your snowmobiles around. Higher-end models might have storage shelves or other features that can be useful. 

V-Nose Closed Snowmobile Trailers

  • Price Range: $6,000-$20,000+
  • Use: Up to 4 snowmobiles, covered, extra room for storage or even sleeping

The most expensive snowmobile trailer is the V-nose closed type. These are larger trailers that can carry up to 4 machines and still give you a lot of extra room for anything else you want to bring along. 

These are basically large tow-behind trailers that are 20 feet or longer. That gives you enough space to fit four large sleds. These trailers can come packed with many additional features, and the higher the price, the more features you can expect.      


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to snowmobile trailers and their price ranges. 

Will 2 snowmobiles fit in a 6×12 trailer?

Usually, 2 snowmobiles will not fit in a 6×12 trailer side by side. You can get two machines in a trailer this size if you get creative and prop one of the sleds up to make their skis overlap. Just be sure to properly secure them during travel to not cause damage.  

What does a snowmobile trailer look like?

Snowmobile trailers come in various shapes and styles that make them look different. A standard open trailer looks like a regular utility trailer. A clamshell trailer has a round top that looks kind of like a caravan. Larger trailers can look like RVs.    

How much can a snowmobile trailer haul?

This depends on the size of the trailer. The smallest trailers will hold a single sled and maybe some smaller equipment items. Large trailers can hold up to 4 snowmobiles and still have room for lots of other stuff, but these will be the most expensive. 

Final Thoughts

If you don’t live in an area where you can snowmobile right out your back door, you will need a trailer to haul your sleds around. There are many different styles and models out there to meet your budget or any preferences you might have, so shop around and find the best one. 

To save some money, you can look around for used trailers. You can often save hundreds (or more!) of the cost of a brand new trailer by finding a used one in good condition.    

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