10 Most Popular Snowmobile Forums

Whether you are just learning how to ride or have been on the trails for decades, snowmobile forums are a great way to find advice, information and connect with other riders. And there are a ton of forums out there to explore with endless threads to deep dive into. 

I’ve been snowmobiling for most of my life, and I love nearly every winter sport you can think of. I’m also a frequent user of snowmobile forums because they are a source of so much good information about different sleds and riding in general. 

This post will list some of the best and most popular snowmobile forums you should consider joining. I highly recommend that you become a member of a few of these if you are serious about snowmobiling. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Harcoresledder

Hardcoresledder is one of my favorite snowmobile forums out there. As its name implies, this forum is filled with people who take snowmobiling seriously, and there is a ton of advice and information to find within the threads and pages here. 

There are millions of different posts covering just about any snowmobile-related subject you can imagine. It’s an excellent way to connect with other riders worldwide, and there are also machines listed for sale if you’re in the market for a new ride. 

2. The Snowest Forum

The Snowest Forum is another awesome spot to check out that will keep you in the mood for snow or answer any burning questions you have about your sled. I like this one when I need brand-specific advice for a repair or mod. 

To get full access to the forum, you’ll need to pay for a premium membership, but the free membership is full of good advice as well. There are also a lot of repair advice threads, which is great for DIY mechanics out there.

3. Snowmobile World

Snowmobile World is another recommended forum with a large community of members and great threads. Whether you want to talk about your favorite type of machine or are looking to buy a new one, this forum will guide you in the right direction. 

The forum is easy to navigate and allows you to type in the make and model of your sled if you need repair or buying advice. There is also a tremendous amount of information to explore because this site has been around for so long. 

4. Snowmobile Fanatics

If you are looking for a forum full of friendly members who are all extremely excited about sleds and riding in general, check out Snowmobile Fanatics. This is another one that has millions of posts, giving you endless threads to explore. 

I like this forum because you can type in a question on just about any subject and get a handful of answers to explore. Whether that’s maintenance tips, riding suggestions, or anything else, you’ll find it here. 

5. DooTalk

If you have a Ski-Doo sled, you will definitely want to join DooTalk. This is a Ski-Doo specific forum that covers everything you can imagine about this type of snowmobile. 

This forum has many members, and all of them are obviously Ski-Doo fanatics. You can find a lot of good advice here, but you might be out of luck if you ride a different model. 

6. Vintage Sleds

Vintage Sleds is my go-to forum when I want a history lesson on snowmobiles. If you have an older machine or are interested in one of them, this is the spot to explore. It has a wide community of members who are all fans of vintage sleds. 

This can be your only real source of information for troubleshooting problems or locating parts that aren’t manufactured any longer, so it’s a good one to join if you have a sled that is 20 years or older. 

7. Snowmobile Forum

Snowmobile Forum is another recommended forum that’s on the smaller side as far as membership goes but still packed with a ton of good information and resources. With fewer members, it’s easier to connect with other people and get a real sense of community. 

8. Arctic Chat

This is another brand-specific forum that covers everything you can imagine about Arctic Cat machines. If you have one of these snowmobiles or are considering getting one, this forum is well-worth joining and will be a valuable resource. 

9. Snow and Mud

If you are a fan of other motorsports and also a snowmobiler, Snow and Mud is a great forum to join. This one will give you information and advice on snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and many other machines that we all love to ride. 

10. TY4Stroke

TY4stroke is even more of a niche forum than any of the others and deals with 4-stroke Yamaha snowmobiles pretty much exclusively. These are favorite machines among many riders, and this forum is the place to learn everything about them. 

There might be a few threads that don’t deal with 4-stroke Yamahas, but the forum has that as its focus. If you have a Yamaha, you’ll be connected with other riders who are big-time fans of these sleds.  

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about snowmobiling, the forums listed here will provide you with an amazing amount of information. You don’t necessarily need to become a member, but it’s a great way to expand your horizons in the world of snowmobiling.  

Check out all of them and join at least several, and you’ll be sure to improve your knowledge of snowmobiles while connecting with others who share a similar passion.

About Chaz Wyland
I’m a snowmobile fanatic. I live for riding and am out on the trails or backcountry as often as possible during the winter months. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and have snowmobiled in dozens of North American locations. When the snow is falling, you’ll find me on a sled.

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