HJC Snowmobile Boots Review

This is my review of HJC snowmobile boots. 

I’m Chaz, a long-time snowmobile enthusiast who has spent over a thousand days riding around all over North America. I’ve worn many different boots over the years and have looked into HJC to see how they perform and hold up in cold weather. 

HJC boots are offer quality in a budget package. They don’t give you the best in terms of long-lasting performance, but they do get the job done in various conditions without costing you as much as the competition.  

In this article, I’ll look at the two main boots from HJC and provide a full review of my research and experience. 

Lace em up, and let’s get started. 

HJC Snowmobile Boots Overview

HJC boots are a commonly available option for snowmobilers across the world. They offer quality performance and are affordable enough to meet basic budget constraints. 

These aren’t the highest quality boots out there, and my main concern with using them is their durability, especially if you ride hard or hike a lot while you’re on the trails. Other than that, these make for a good option. 

For a budget boot, they provide a tremendous amount of warmth. I’d feel comfortable wearing any pair of HJCs into well below zero weather. If you wear a few pairs of socks, you can extend that performance even further.

They are a basic boot that isn’t going to win any beauty contests but will give you everything you want and need when you ride. Just know that while you’ll save a few bucks up front, I wouldn’t expect more than a few seasons of regular use out of them.  

If you want the best cold-weather option, I’d suggest going with the HJC Extreme. These are rated for temperatures as cold as minus 70F and offer serious waterproofing capabilities as well. They are also relatively affordable for this amount of warmth compared to other options. 

My recommended option is the HJC Standard. I like these boots quite and bit and recommend them as a budget pick for any rider. They are fully waterproof and have an easy to get on and off velcro-style lacing system. Let’s take a further look. 

HJC Standard Review

Of the two most popular HJC snowmobile boots, I would choose the Standard over the Extreme. They are more affordable and offer nearly the same performance. They aren’t quite as warm, but nothing an extra pair of socks of boot heaters won’t fix. 


The HJC Standard boots are rated for use in temperatures as cold as minus 60F. If you are a casual rider, there’s a good chance you will never push that limit. But for anyone who rides all season long, you know this is enough warmth to get the job done. 

A Thermolite insulated liner helps provide the first layer of warmth, keeping your feet snug and cozy without letting excess heat escape. The DuPont rubber outer layer offers another line of defense and blocks out the wind and cold very effectively. 


The Standard is a comfortable boot, but they don’t stand out in this regard. If you just use the boots for riding and don’t hike a lot, they will probably be plenty comfortable. If you plan on hiking, the boots tend to be a little stiff and aren’t the best for this. 

They are roomy and spacious, which is fine for when you are riding but brings down their comfort when you want to walk or hike around. Overall, I’d say that they offer standard comfort, just as the name implies. 


These boots will perform pretty well in a variety of on-snow situations but don’t expect them to excel in any particular way. They are functional and practical without having any unique design or features built in to boost this. 

I like how they perform in cold weather, which is a huge factor when considering a snowmobile boot. But I’m not a fan of how they perform when walking or hiking, as they are somewhat restrictive. 


Durability is one area where the HJC Standard does not hold up well. They are a budget option, so this is somewhat expected. But I’d still like to see my boots last for years of heavy use without worry. These will last you a few seasons if you’re lucky. 

The Alternatives

Check out these other recommended snowmobile boots if you want an alternative to the HJC standard. 

1. HJC Extreme

The Extreme is very similar to the Standard, except it offers a little more warmth. If you want a budget snowmobile boot that will keep you warm, these are recommended. They do have the same issues with durability, however. 

2. FXR Helium Boa

For a top-of-the-line option, it’s hard to beat the FXR Helium BOA. These are some of the best snowmobile boots that I have ever used, and they offer the best of comfort, performance, and warmth that any rider can appreciate. 

3. Fly Racing Laced Marker Boots

These are another quality budget option that is built with performance in mind. They aren’t quite as warm as HJC options, but they are better for hiking and walking around. 

My Verdict

HJC snowmobile boots are a good option for any rider who wants to save some money but needs cold-weather performance. They aren’t very durable, but other than that are decent all around.

About Chaz Wyland
I’m a snowmobile fanatic. I live for riding and am out on the trails or backcountry as often as possible during the winter months. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and have snowmobiled in dozens of North American locations. When the snow is falling, you’ll find me on a sled.

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