5 Best Snowmobile Bibs

best snowmobile bib

If you love to snowmobile as much as I do, you need great cold-weather gear to keep you on the trail all day long. Snowmobile bibs are an essential item for every serious rider, and I’ll look at the best options here.

I’ve been a snowmobiler for decades. Heavy winter riding has allowed me to test a lot of different equipment out on the trail, and a good set of bibs is always the foundation I use to keep warm and comfortable.

After comparing some of the most popular bibs currently available, the 509 Range Insulated Bib is my top pick.

They are designed specifically to meet the needs of any snowmobiler who rides long and hard. Durable weatherproof construction allows the 509 Range to remain effective for multiple seasons, and ample insulation keeps you warm without being stuffy.

I truly believe that bibs are the best choice for a bottom layer when you are snowmobiling because of the added material and comfort they offer over traditional snow pants

The 509 Range is far from the only good bib option out there, so I will take a look at several other top contenders in this post as well. 

Keep reading to discover the best snowmobile bibs to meet all of your snowmobiling needs. 

Top Snowmobile Bibs

Snowmobile bibs will provide you with cold-weather protection and comfort to keep you warm and dry while you ride. A good set of bibs is an essential piece of equipment for any rider, and the options here are some of the best. 

1. 509 Range Insulated Bib

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Heavy-duty weatherproof construction, warm, comfortable, waterproof side zipper, DWR treatment
  • Material: 5TECH Fabric
  • Insulation: 200G Thinsulate
  • Fit: Form-fitting

The best overall snowmobile bibs, in my opinion, is the 509 Range Insulated Bib. 

These are an excellent option for riders who love to stay on the trails for extended periods. You need your equipment to hold up under any and every condition, and these bibs will do just that. 

The 5TECH fabric that the Range is made out of offers impressive weatherproofing that will keep heavy snow and biting winds away. This will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable so you can blast away at full throttle without worry. 

They also come packed with 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Thinsulate is an industry-standard material that adds a protective barrier between your body and the bibs’ outer layer. 200 grams is a sweet spot for offering enough warmth without being excessive.

Other features that stand out with this option include a full side zipper that creates a convenient way to reach your boots or let in extra airflow and a DWR treatment that increases waterproofing even further. 

A chest pocket allows you to stash essential items within reach, and heavy-duty elastic bands will keep these in place no matter how hard you ride. 

The 509 Range comes in various colors, but some of them are a bit loud for my taste. These are a little expensive as well. 

However, In terms of performance, these can’t be beaten. 

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2. Klim Keweenaw Snowmobile Bib

  • Best for: Backcountry riding
  • Key features: Zonal insulation tech, breathable, reinforced materials in high-wear areas, side zippers
  • Material: GORE-TEX shell, 200D Nylon
  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate
  • Fit: Standard performance

If you spend a lot of your days venturing deep into the backcountry, the Klim Keweenaw makes for a recommended companion. 

They are versatile and effective in rapidly changing conditions, which is the name of the game when you are exploring new areas far away from other riders. 

The key here is a zonal insulation technology that mixes up the thickness of insulation throughout the design. This gives you plenty of warmth when you need it and allows for excellent breathability when you don’t. 

Durability is also paramount in the backcountry. The Keweenaw comes with a two-layer GORE-TEX performance shell outer alongside 200D nylon in higher wear areas like the knees and seat. These materials make the bibs rugged and long-lasting. 

Articulated knees and stretch side panels increase comfort and mobility if you need to hop off the sled to dig out or tend to any maintenance issue. These also have deep pockets with water-resistant YKK zippers to keep any gear you bring along dry. 

All of these features mean you need to have deep pockets as well. These are some of the most expensive snowmobile bibs around. 

3. RefrigiWear Iron-Tuff Insulated High Bib Overalls

  • Best for: Insulation/Extreme Cold
  • Key features: Extremely warm, comfortable, high-chest design, excellent weatherproofing, bounded seams, very durable
  • Material: Tear and Abrasion-resistant synthetic 
  • Insulation: 11.25 oz. RefrigiFill insulation 
  • Fit: Loose

The RefrigiWear Iron-Tuff is the option you want if you are snowmobiling in extreme conditions. 

These are rated for cold-weather protection down to -50F/-46C. If you are out riding in that type of cold, you better be prepared as things can go wrong in a hurry. 

11.25-ounces of RefrigiFill insulation provide excellent warmth and serious comfort. This gives you a thick layer between your body and outer shell to keep you cozy even when the temperatures are severe. 

A wind-tight outer shell alongside bonded seams keeps the wind away, and the waterproofing properties are also excellent. This outer shell is also tear and abrasion-resistant, which makes the bibs highly durable. 

The high chest and back design extend the warmth almost across your entire body, which is another nice touch to increase cold-weather protection. 

These will be way too warm for the average rider, and you’ll be sweating like you’re in a sauna. They also fit loose, which isn’t ideal when you want to go fast. 

The Iron-Tuff Bib Overalls will keep you warm in situations where other options will not.

==> You can also get it on RefrigiWear.com or Walmart.

4. Castle X Phase Bib

  • Best for: Comfort
  • Key features: Pre-curved knees and seat, fleece-lined pockets, accordion stretch back panel, durable, good weatherproofing
  • Material: Polyester/nylon shell
  • Insulation: 150G 3M Thinsulate
  • Fit: Comfort performance

While cold-weather protection should always be your priority with a set of bibs, comfort can come in a close second. The Castle X Phase Bib is one of the most comfortable options currently available. 

The Phase’s design utilizes pre-curved knees and a pre-curved seat to give you extra mobility and ease of use. This is a subtle tweak in the stitching of the bibs that is effective at adding comfort. 

An accordion stretch back panel also allows quick movements without worrying about the bibs twisting or getting out of place. Fleece-lined hand pockets give another dose of extra softness and warmth. 

There is no denying that the Phase bibs are supremely comfortable, but they are also built to withstand cold weather and provide you with reliable protection against the elements.

150 grams of Thinsulate insulation and a Ven-Tex 2.0 laminated shell allows for good wind and water-resistant properties. The outer shell comes with a DWR treatment and sealed seams for added protection as well. 

These aren’t the most weatherproofed option, and the comfort fit might not suit racing or snocross riding preferences. 

But if you want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas on your snowmobile, the Phase is the recommended choice.  

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5. Arctix Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls

  • Best for: Budget
  • Key features: Affordable price, lightweight, reinforced knees and seat, boot zipper, boot gaiters
  • Material: Polyester
  • Insulation: 85G ThermaTech
  • Fit: Loose lower, tight up top

The Arctix Tundra Ballistic is a good option for any snowmobiler on a budget. 

A very affordable price is the main feature of note, but they also give you a lightweight and comfortable fit for riding in more mild conditions.

The seat and knees are reinforced for added durability, which ups value even more. You will also get a fully-functional boot zipper and boot gaiters to help keep snow from reaching your feet. 

A cheap price tag does come with tradeoffs, however. The Tundra Ballistic only offers 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation, which is not much. You’ll want to layer up in cold situations for sure. 

The 100% polyester construction also isn’t the greatest in terms of weather and wind protection. They will work in a mild storm, but I wouldn’t recommend these if there is a serious blizzard in the forecast. 

If you just need a basic bib and don’t want to spend much money, these will make for a good spend for the money. 

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Best Snowmobile Bibs: What to Look For

Take the following factors into consideration when shopping for a snowmobile bib that best fits your needs.


Your bibs provide you with the most significant line of defense against cold weather while you are out riding. You should always make sure that any option you buy is built with waterproof and windproof material.

GORE-TEX is one of the best materials with both of these considerations in mind. Nylon and polyester fabrics can also work; just make sure that these are treated with a DWR (durable water-repellant) coating. 


Insulation is key to keeping you warm while you ride. This goes hand-in-hand with a weatherproofed outer shell and is another crucial factor to look for with any snowmobile bib. 

Thinsulate is a top material used as insulation. The amount of insulation you need is a personal choice. This is usually measured in grams. The higher the gram count, the more insulation the bibs will have and the warmer they will be. 


Fit is another personal preference consideration. Some riders like a tighter fitting bib, especially if they like to go fast and don’t want extra material flapping around. Others might want a loose fit for additional comfort. 

My Verdict

The 509 Range Insulated Bib is my choice for the best snowmobile bib. They offer excellent performance, comfort, and cold weather protection, which make them an exceptional value. 

The 5TECH fabric construction is highly durable, and these will last you for years of steading riding. 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation is the perfect amount to keep you warm without being too hot. 

The Range Bib has stand-out features across the board and comes highly recommended. 

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